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About Eris

You may have seen our lovely mascot, Eris, floating around the site. But who is she, exactly?

The Basics

Age: ???
Pronouns: she/they
Species: Fairy(?)
Hair Color: Rainbow


Eris is a being from ancient times. Once a sower of discord, she’s “reformed” and become a benevolent trickster instead. Eris is an artist- but instead of using paper or a tablet, she uses the Earth itself as her canvas. If you’ve ever seen a zebra with spots or a four-colored tulip, that’s probably something Eris did. We’d say she’s sorry for that, but she has no regrets.

At first glance, Eris seems like a sweet and shy person, but she’s not afraid to get aggressive, especially towards bigots. She loves active, chaotic environments, and can be seen attending events ranging from punk rock concerts to pro-LGBT rallies.

She was introduced to the world of web comics by her partner Dez, and fell madly in love. Together, they’re working on a comic called Sailor Iridescent, which is totally an original comic, do not steal.

She and Dez live in a cottage with their cat, Crescent (Cent for short).


Likes: Art of any kind, Fluffy animals, Rock and Metal music, Dez, Sweets
Dislikes: Bigots, Rain, Messy Rooms, Salty Food
Blood Type: Whatever the pink blood type is