004.1: Guardians

I've always loved the motif of a ghostly dog guarding old cemeteries and leading souls to where they should go.

A strange date appears in the very beginning of this episode! The 32nd of the 7th month? While in lots of languages names of the months don't correspond directly to the month's number (for example in my native Polish), lots of them do... like English, where September, October, November, and December correspond to numbers 7, 8, 9, 10... why they aren't the 7th month and so on is more or less thanks to Julius Ceasar, I recommend reading up about it. Anyway, it's my pet peeve. So here, a year is still 365 days, but there are 10 months. Because I said so.

As such, 32/7 is the equivalent of the 8th of September. You can let me know in the comments what day and month you were born in, and I'll reply what date that is in OMEKADE world!

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