Code of Conduct

The following Code of Conduct is in place for all Creators, Readers, and Commenters on this website. By continuing to use this website you agree to abide by the following rules as set for by the Security team.

Content Creation: #

Our content creators should abide by the Content Guidelines as posted [Here] and affirm that they are the sole owners of their content, or that they have expressed permission to post on behalf of the original creator.

Comments and Engagement: #

The following rules are in place for comments and interactions with other members of the community:

1: No Bigotry of Any Sort #

This Website is designed to be safe for all people regardless of race, sexuality, or gender. Use of slurs or derogatory language will not be tolerated. Unintended ignorance is forgivable, and will be met with education, but we expect our users to hold themselves to a high standard.

2: Keep Mature and NSFW content in the appropriate places. #

On forums, Mature and NSFW content should be marked in spoiler tags. In comments sections they should remain on works that have already been marked as such.

3: Sexual Content involving minors is not allowed #

In addition, sexual remarks and knowingly sending sexual content to a minor will be met with immediate removal. Minors are to message a member of the security team immediately if they suspect any incidents or if one occurs.

4: Spoilers should be marked in Spoiler Tags #

It is up to users as to whether or not they wish to avoid spoilers for any media, but it is your responsibility to tag potential spoilers to allow them that choice.

5: Arguments/Harassment #

We respect the right to have an opinion, and even to debate those opinions in healthy ways. That said, any active malice or disrespect towards another member will not be tolerated. Administrators and Staff are not exempt from this.

3-Strike Policy: #

Users who fail to abide by the rules will be reprimanded using a 3-strike warning system. The policy is as follows:

1st offense – verbal warning in the topic where the incident occured #

A member of the Security Team will post a warning for the user(s) in question. Should the behavior cease, no further action will be taken.

2nd offense – Direct Message with a repeated warning #

A member of the Security Team will message you directly explaining why the behavior is unacceptable. You will also be warned of any incoming punishments for further disregard at this time.

3rd offense – Suspension or Ban #

Depending on the severity of the incident, your account may be suspended or banned from commenting or posting on the forums. Repeated Suspensions will result in a permanent ban.

Instant Bans: #

Behavior that is dangerous or severely out of line will result in an immediate, permanent ban. This behavior includes but is not limited to:

  • Calls for violence against a member of the community
  • Intentionally sending sexual content to a minor
  • Sending sexual content to another user without their consent
  • Posting Graphic Sexual Content without warning in a public space

Questions/Comments/Concerns #

Any feedback or questions can be directed to any member of the Security Team. You can also send an email to [Ehhh put an email here]. 

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