When Souls Awaken

In a world that has never known mages, the phoenix god decides to shake things up, changing the soul of a human to grant him the powers of a phoenix. The god’s twin sister soon follows, sending her loyal pet, hell’s guardian, to find a new master to grant his powers too. All the while a girl and her best friend, a sloth, are doing their best to survive. Her fate is intertwined with these new mages as unrest rises throughout the lands with more gods interfering with human souls.

Black Wings

Amèlia dies and gets sent to Hell, where she has to work under the first and famous Prince of Hell, Lucifer, to pay for her sin of pride.
The glamorous prince plans to make a grand return and conquer Heaven for all of demonkind. But how will he pull off such a large-scale conquest?

Black Wings
is a fantasy comic inspired on demonology, mythology and sacred texts. It is the story about Lucifer and the other angels and demons, and the same time the demon’s ambition of going back to heaven and make it the demons’ kingdom. To make it easier to understand, it is narrated from the point of view of a human.
Lucifer is the first main character we’ll know, appart from Amèlia, the human, but the demon Azazel and the archangel Michael will be very important too. The villain is the Supreme Angel, an egoistic angel with god complex that rules Heaven and keeps it as a dictatorship.
Ari Kiss and I, Sami Luu, have been working hard on it’s plot for years and I can promise you this comic won’t disapoint you!
I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Sami Luu

The Broken Ones

Three dysfunctional adventurers – a shady psion, a rebellious pirate, and a distrustful con artist – are forced to work together when the new king tasks them to reclaim the castle town of Oganthir after a long and bloody civil war. Viewed as disposable by the powers that be, and each dealing with their own troubled history, cooperation is anything but easy. But with an entire city now counting on them for leadership, they’ll have to figure out how to trust each other and face their demons if they want to survive.

Content warnings: Violence, foul language, and themes related to abuse and trauma
Updates: Currently 1/week on Fridays